TIP-3.1 Token Guide

What is a token

Blockchains use different tokens as forms of digital assets.

Token standards

A token standard defines the functionality of a token and its compatibility with wallets.
Depending on the standard with which a token is traded, the token will have a certain kind of address format and users need to have a wallet that supports the token standard in order to store it.

What is TIP-3.1

TIP-3.1 is the technical standard for all tokens of the Everscale network.

What advantages does TIP-3.1 have over TIP-3

The motivation for transitioning to the new standard was primarily to increase the reliability of contracts and reduce commissions. Thanks to the upgrade, gas handling and the cost of storing contracts on the network have been optimized and internal calls between contracts have been standardized.

New functionality.

Architecturally, Tip-3.1 is a Root Token contract. It stores general information, but it does not have a balance register. Instead, each token holder must deploy their own instance of the token wallet contract.

  • reworking of callback on transfers: a contract no longer has to deploy a wallet for itself, but it will still receive one. As a result, it is possible to transfer tokens simultaneously with the deployment of the receiver’s contract.
  • the ability to create your implementation from different, combined abstract parts and then deploy a new modified token with one locklift command
  • the possibility to make your tokens upgradeable
  • TIP-6 support
  • naming methods more in line with the past experience of smart contract developers
  • the possibility to indicate a few callbacks on TokenRot.transferOwnership
  • the removal of external ownership support in TokenWallet
  1. OctusBridge
  2. Tonscan
  3. EVER Wallet
  4. EVER Wallet mobile
  5. Nekoton
  6. Wallet API
  7. Indexer



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