Disciplinary action taken against faulty relayer

1 min readFeb 16, 2022

On behalf of the Bridge DAO

The Korean community has approached the Bridge DAO with a potential misconduct complaint from a representative who participated in the network on their behalf.

The Bridge team dissolved the liquidity pools during the liquidity migration and upgraded them to the new TIP 3.1 token standard.

Among other things, the stakes of the bridge relayers were unlocked and transferred to the multisig wallets of the owners. Under the vesting terms, they had to upgrade them to the new token standard.

In violation of the conditions of the initial vesting, one of the relayers carried out an attack on the network and sold vesting tokens to destabilize the network at the time of migration.

According to the Bridge DAO, this relayer is potentially associated with a bad actor in the Korean community

In accordance with the agreements in place, vesting terms and the Bridge relayer vote, these tokens have been slashed from the party responsible. Moreover, the DAO has blocked the WTON tokens of the member mentioned above until the end of the investigation.

The tokens have been credited to the issuer’s multisig wallet until the Korean community clarifies the circumstances.




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