FreeTON incubates promising blockchain startups with ultimate yield co-farming programs

2 min readJul 13, 2021

FreeTON is a blockchain capable of handling thousands of transactions per second. The network is cost-efficient and user-friendly, as well as service-provider-friendly. FreeTON is based on the leading technologies and outpaces all the incumbent and anticipated networks with its combination of security, scalability, and decentralization.

TON Swap is an AMM-based decentralized exchange powered by a powerful multicurrency farming module. It benefits from the decentralized nature of FreeTON and provides ultimate security and convenience.

Straight to business

Together with FreeTON and FreeTON DeFi Alliance, TON Swap is looking for promising Ethereum-based startups to help them leverage their audience, boost liquidity inflow, and benefit from fast and cheap transactions on the FreeTON blockchain.

If you meet the following criteria, you can apply for our “Crystal Handshake” incubation program:

  • Raised investments don’t surpass $5M
  • No more than two presale rounds
  • A considerable amount of undistributed project tokens
  • Locked-up tokens for pre-sale investors with a vesting period for at least half a year
  • Zero or near-zero market float during the farming program
  • A finished first investment round

Crystal Handshake

For the period up until your second round, you will benefit from:

  • Parity co-financing of liquidity pools at for your project token/governance token versus TON Crystal up to 200 000 TON
  • Parity multi-coin (your project token, and/or governance token, and TON Crystal) farming programs up to 500 000 TON
  • Free listing at to facilitate the transfer of liquidity from Ethereum to FreeTON
  • Consulting advisory services for native integration with FreeTON
  • Media support with partnerships in leading media outlets
  • Support of your project tokens in the TON Crystal Wallet browser extension

Being a Crystal Handshake participant, you must comply with specific requirements:

  • Your tokens must be placed in the liquidity pool:
  • If you don’t have TONs — they must be under the management of the FreeTON DeFi Alliance
  • If you have TONs — they will be under your own management
  • You must maintain the liquidity pool at least until the delivery of the real product

The number of program participants are limited to five in July — August. If you are interested in applying or learning more details, please contact Tatiana Kashtanova ( to arrange an introductory call and commence due diligence procedures.




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